ISSN 2544-3763

The scientific and technical journal ENGINEERING EXPERT is a place for the exchange of knowledge, experience and the effects of expertise and research conducted by technicians, engineers and scientists. Due to the subject matter related to broadly understood appraisal, the journal discusses issues related to machinery, equipment, movable property and real estate in terms of technical, legal and economic aspects. The continuous dynamic development of technology requires engineers to take a broad view of the development of technology while maintaining a high level of expertise. An appraiser in his activity must be both an expert and have a broad view of technical objects. Current technological facilities have many systems that interpenetrate, cooperate and complement each other. This view cannot ignore the legal regulations that force the expert to know both occupational health and safety issues, machine standards, as well as international standards. The journal is addressed to technicians, engineers and scientists dealing with appraisal, providing expert services and to people dealing with economic and legal aspects related to technology. The thematic scope of the journal is related to broadly understood appraisal, including:

  • Material testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Technical expertise
  • Valuation of movable and immovable property
  • Insurance claims handling
  • Environmental impact of technology
  • Economics in Technology and Appraisal
  • Legal issues related to technology, appraisal and court experts

The target audience is:

  • Research institutes
  • Scientists involved in the diagnostics of machinery, equipment and real estate
  • Companies involved in the design and modernization of machinery and equipment
  • Companies dealing with the safety of machinery, equipment and construction works
  • Factories
  • Banks and leasing companies
  • Insurance Companies